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> going on about nobody caring the side is the sound of somebody
> about to give up
> all you need to do is advertise and gamers and star-trek fans
> will be pouring in :)

But this alone doesn't help: we need to keep them.
All the efforts are wasted if people hop in just once to leave
quickly again.
We need an environment where people like to stay.

James, I guess I missed your answer:
have you tried Paradise (setup local server and try all features)?

When you've done so:
You think newbs will like a feature enriched Paradise game more
than Bronco for starters to get hooked up (and later maybe learn
about Bronco)?

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> about to give up ? Why about to ? Already there.

Well, then don't speak for all, because not all have given up.

> > all you need to do is advertise and gamers and star-trek fans
> > will be pouring in :)
> Maybe you ment "All I need to do ...." ? Why there's always
> somebody else that should do ?

That's indeed a major problem.
There are things _everybody_ can do.
But then there are also things that not so many can do.
(I mean both in PR and support)

Once the wiki is setup, we might create a section for PR plans,
tasks and people doing it, so that we have a better overview about
chances for success or what wholes have to be patched.

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> I have experimented with so many different forms of advertising
> in the past 3 years I have lost count. Some ads are successful,
> some aren't. I have only seen a few that have had new players
> pouring in and those are usually very expensive. Most others
> result in a slow trickle.

I guess advertizing is useless before the landing zone is well
prepared: places to play with real in-game activity, places to learn
live and by reading, diversity of those place for different tastes
of learning and playing, responsible teachers and protectors
(against lamer abuse).

> Just too many games to compete with.

Right. Since the game mechanic alone doesn't beat them, there must
be other areas to surpass them, like the above listed support.
A game doesn't see itself anymore by the code alone, especially
not one such complex as netrek.

And then we need patience until enough mass has gathered to
attract others just by gravity (as it was in the past, just now
the mass must be greater ;).

> Not trying to step on anyone's toes here,

Stop that, maybe we need some toe stepping to make people move. ;)

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