>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>I guess advertizing is useless before the landing zone is well
>prepared: places to play with real in-game activity, places to learn
>live and by reading, diversity of those place for different tastes
>of learning and playing, responsible teachers and protectors
>(against lamer abuse).
I wouldn't say it is useless, but it is definitely not as effective as it 
could be if there were a more welcoming environment on our pickup servers.  
I just completed a banner ad campaign this past month that seemed to draw in 
a decent amount of traffic but cost $50/month so I had to kill it after 1 
month.  One of the best services I have ever used was the premier listing 
package on download.com but that costs $100/month so I had to downgrade to 
the basic listing.  I am still running banner advertising on 
gamesites200.com  which has received 60 clicks this past month and also have 
two pay-per-click keyword campaigns running, one being on Google.  I have 
focused my efforts primarily on the Windows clients but still see 40-60 
click per month on the MacTrek and Paradise client links I have on my site.

While things have gotten better in regards to helping new players get into 
the game, I think we have a long way to go.  Seems like we drive away more 
people then we keep and that is a problem.  Not sure if this is due to a 
lack of interest in the game, the attitudes they run into on pickup servers, 
or both.  I still see people trying to eject and trash talk on new players 
due to impatience and not many people willing to speak out against the 
people doing it.  Sometimes the abuse is due to mistaken identity, not 
realizing the player is new, sometimes not.  It isn't a huge part of the 
community that does this, but the people that do seem to have an incredible 
amount of free time to play so the impact they have on Netrek is extremely 
negative.  First impressions are lasting impressions.  If someones first 
experience with Netrek is an eject message and being called a retard I don't 
think they will be staying around.  I have been told I am too sensitive to 
this issue, and maybe I am, but the current attitude of many in the 
community seems to be more focused on keeping things the way the are and NOT 
on keeping new players.

"Trash talking has always been a part of Netrek".    This mindset needs to 


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