>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>Wow, but ... a pity you did that on your own rather than in a well
>prepared campaign strike on _all_ fronts (www resurrection and the
>other stuff mentioned).
Have been doing this for Netrek for over 3 years and the results have been 
pretty successful.  Online marketing and SEO are things I have experience 
with outside of the Netrek community so I have been using my experience to 
help out.  I work very hard in preparing and launching advertising 
campaigns, the wording and graphics are all thought out and adjusted when 
needed.  When I started I didn't have much to work with.  Netrek.org was not 
in any state to help draw in new players so I had to create and use 
playnetrek.org.  Over the years I have asked for help in promoting the game 
many times(creating banners, graphical work, etc).  Aside from the 
occasional donation not many people seem interested in helping.  People 
involved in Netrek development understandably have their hands full with 
very little time to spare.  Others that seem to have the time to spare are 
more interested in playing.
>Uh, where? :) (only Paradise reference is how to configure MacTrek)
>(I didn't know MacTrek was based on Paradise ... does it work fully
>with Paradise servers, too?)

Two separate links for the two different client pages on the playnetrek.org 

>need to get a critical mass. Once we have this, we can raise our
>standards again.



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