=- Joe Evango wrote on Fri 30.Mar'07 at 11:41:57 -0500 -=

> I wouldn't say it is useless, but it is definitely not as
> effective as it could be if there were a more welcoming
> environment on our pickup servers.

Yah, sorry, "useless" was wrong here, "ineffective/ inefficient"
is the right one (what's the difference between the 2 words?).

> { Joe spends private money }

Wow, but ... a pity you did that on your own rather than in a well
prepared campaign strike on _all_ fronts (www resurrection and the
other stuff mentioned).

> I have focused my efforts primarily on the Windows clients but
> still see 40-60 click per month on the MacTrek and Paradise
> client links I have on my site.

Uh, where? :) (only Paradise reference is how to configure MacTrek)
(I didn't know MacTrek was based on Paradise ... does it work fully
with Paradise servers, too?)

> Seems like we drive away more people then we keep and that is a
> problem.

Exactly my point.

> Not sure if this is due to a lack of interest in the game, the
> attitudes they run into on pickup servers, or both.

Both. When you are getting into a complex/ difficult game, it
doesn't help if people are contra-productive and the learning
material support is (too) far away.

> It isn't a huge part of the community that does this, but the
> people that do seem to have an incredible amount of free time to
> play so the impact they have on Netrek is extremely negative.

... because nobody stops them.
(dreams about Paradise again with royalities Q, Praetor, ... to
help admin a server in-game)

> If someones first experience with Netrek is an eject message and
> being called a retard I don't think they will be staying around.


> I have been told I am too sensitive to this issue, and maybe I
> am, {...}

No, you are not. Those who want to play it down just don't want to
be required to take action personally (change hurts).

> "Trash talking has always been a part of Netrek". This mindset
> needs to change.

It was OK in the "good old times", because back then people had
not many alternatives to leave netrek.
Today it's different.
At least the attitude must change.
And if the game itself needs to change, then it should likewise
in favour of the new player rather the pleasing the oldies who
rarely play at all anymore.
Game-balance almost "perfectly" developed after xy years?
So what? A new game will develop a new balance again.
It need not be the same as before, since the times and players
aren't the same either.
If incidently some elite of a soon-to-be mass of player base
rediscovers the "good old qualities", so be it.
But putting some arbitrary ideal at the beginning to just filter
elite by old standards won't produce as much a player _base_ as we
need to get a critical mass. Once we have this, we can raise our
standards again.

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