"Joe Evango" <jjadeinc at hotmail.com> writes:
> I am curious...When you say a well prepared campaign strike on all fronts, 
> what ideas do you have?  I am open to discuss promotional ideas.

My feeling is that we've got a few pre-req's to be concerned with:
(1) good website
(2) mac client at the state where we feel it's ready for prime time.
Mostly I think it already is, but it seems like 1.2 will be ready
soon, which is probably worth waiting for, although it may well be
done before other stuff is in place. Besides war declarations and
only having a single message window (which actually may be a good
idea for newbies) I don't know of anything key missing, now that RSA
seems sorted out. 
(3) game infrastructure. Karthik has been tossing out ideas for 
game mods to help newbies. We should maybe hash these out some.
(4) linux client in the major distros. I'm mainly familiar with
Debian; for them, we'd need open source, which means an up to date
COW build. Figuring out what other linux distros are possible to package
and dist for also a good idea; I have no idea how distribution works
for ubuntu or fedora, FreeBSD and NetBSD might be worthwhile if
there's a way to cheaply make those users aware of our existence. 

Then we figure out a marketing plan. 
I'll send a second message with thoughts on that, 
so that hopefully the tech discussion can happen
in this thread, and the marketing discussion