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Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 4:35 PM
> Yikes that is expensive. Maybe put a Paypal donate button on your site
> so other trekers with the money can donate towards a good cause? :)

Have had a Make a Donation link up since January.  I posted about it on rgn.

> Cool. In the past 2 months I have seen a LOT of newbies using bill's
> XP 2006 client (especially v1.2). I noticed also that many of them
> were from Europe.
> I think having a European pickup server would help the Euro scene. In
> the past there was almost always at least 1 Euro server up.

I have been seeing t-mode games between 9-11am pacific with people from all 
over the world playing with XP 2006.  Games seem to last an hour or two.  A 
Euro server would probably get some traffic, might help keep games going a 
little longer if it provided better ping times.