On Fri, Mar 30, 2007 at 11:41:57AM -0500, Joe Evango wrote:
> I wouldn't say it is useless, but it is definitely not as effective as it 
> could be if there were a more welcoming environment on our pickup servers.  
> I just completed a banner ad campaign this past month that seemed to draw in 
> a decent amount of traffic but cost $50/month so I had to kill it after 1 
> month.

In case I haven't already said this, thank you for trying, and please
keep at it.

> "Trash talking has always been a part of Netrek".    This mindset
> needs to change.

Yes.  I'm open to suggestions, like defaulting new players to a non-RCD
mute until they ask for it to be released.  While I'm sure there are
server owners who wouldn't want to enable this, I'd like to give it a

(We'd need to make sure MacTrek did RCDs)

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