=- James Quick wrote on Sat 31.Mar'07 at 21:09:17 +1000 -=

> > "Trash talking has always been a part of Netrek".    This mindset
> > needs to change.
> Yes. I'm open to suggestions, like defaulting new players to a
> non-RCD mute until they ask for it to be released. While I'm
> sure there are server owners who wouldn't want to enable this,
> I'd like to give it a try.

The default RCDs are way too cryptic for newbies!
At least I remember when I saw them the 1st time: I had _no idea_
what ++ or "ogg" means.

And the info alone doesn't help either, an additional clue as to
what would be a good reaction would help, too!

> (We'd need to make sure MacTrek did RCDs)


As much as I like to support RCD usage, I still miss some Paradise
macro functionality in there. (they probably are of no (good) use
for Bronco, but if one size would fit all, it would be more likely
to be used ;).

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