On Sat, Mar 31, 2007 at 03:41:59PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> Wait!
> The default RCDs are way too cryptic for newbies!

Fix them.

> At least I remember when I saw them the 1st time: I had _no idea_
> what ++ or "ogg" means.

++ means "Saw ship beam up armies".

ogg means "Give them a new ship", or "Send them back home", but could be
localised into "Kill."

> And the info alone doesn't help either, an additional clue as to
> what would be a good reaction would help, too!

Yes, fix that too please.

++ means "Enemy ship is threatening our planets by picking up armies,
kill them, you get more credit for armies in flight."  Then a checkbox
to enable abbreviated RCD output, and a mouse-over tooltip/hint that
explains what "++" and "ogg" mean.


The point of restricting communication to RCDs is that abuse is less
likely to occur.  You said that abuse was that important, and I agree.

This has nothing to do with clue play.  Clue have thick hides.


And in response to Andrew's observation that it may "keep people from
giving them constructive clues", certainly, there is a risk of throwing
out more than the bath water.  Here's an additional suggestion ...

"F0 (Psychosis) wants to be your buddy, do you wish to add them to your
buddy list?  This will let them talk without using Netrek Code (RCD).
Warning: you may be offended."

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