=- Colin MacDonald wrote on Sat 31.Mar'07 at 12:10:53 +0100 -=

> That said, there are a few "info-borg" features that I feel might
> as well be allowed, in particular showing army counts on-screen by
> default. The argument that this gives an unfair advantage over
> people playing with traditional clients is spurious; there's no
> reason why all clients can't be trivially modified to do this, and
> limiting all clients to the minimum subset provided by the oldest
> client is a fine way to ensure stagnation.

The problem is not backward compatibility with old clients,
but backward compatibility with old school player types!
They don't _want_ that feeling to change they are used to, and
which requires some skill to master that info, which they as
cluebies already have while newbies don't have yet, so they can
feel better while newbies have to go through the same learning
curve of "oh so important" skill, of which they claim it
unbalances the game. D'oh.

It's a question of preference:
a) retain requirement of past times skill as indicator of superiority
b) accelerated playing quality.

I go for b).
Does it really matter _why_ some player does the right thing as
long as he does the right thing?
He can learn afterwards why it is right if he doesn't get it on
his own from the start.

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