=- To netrek-dev at us.netrek.org wrote on Sat 31.Mar'07 at 15:55:49 +0200 -=

> It's a question of preference:
> a) retain requirement of past times skill as indicator of superiority
> vs.
> b) accelerated playing quality.
> I go for b).
> Does it really matter _why_ some player does the right thing as
> long as he does the right thing?
> He can learn afterwards why it is right if he doesn't get it on
> his own from the start.

Oh, I forgot one more question of preference (means there is no
"correct" answer, the whole community or server-admins must then
decide which way to go):

a) enjoy a high quality game with good playing on both sides
independent of where the playing quality originates from
b) a competition to figure out who's the best at a given skill.

I'm biased on the latter preference Q, because I don't excel at
any relevant skill, therefore I prefer a). :)

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