=- Andrew K. Bressen wrote on Fri 30.Mar'07 at 18:01:08 -0400 -=

> My feeling is that we've got a few pre-req's to be concerned with:
> (3) game infrastructure. Karthik has been tossing out ideas for 
> game mods to help newbies. We should maybe hash these out some.

Heh, if we finally get a "go" for ignoring the "borg"-complainers
(backward-play-style-compatibility), then this might become unnecessary. ;)

> (4) linux client in the major distros. I'm mainly familiar with
> Debian; for them, we'd need open source, which means an up to date
> COW build.

Dave, can we have new Paradise (original) and TT binaries for
current linuxes and all other popular OS'es you can access?
(I hope for solaris8 + aix4/5 ;)

> for ubuntu or fedora, FreeBSD and NetBSD might be worthwhile if
> there's a way to cheaply make those users aware of our existence.

Yes, if there is no client ready, they don't even have a chance to

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