Hello galaxy,

I am running a vanilla server with some experimental changes and I'm trying to figure out the best way to test the changes and see if they have any merit.  My server is running behind a DSL connection, so I'm not sure if the best way to test it is to advertise my server, or try to get someone else to run my code for a trial game or two on another server.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you.

My server is currently running at brent.veroquest.com:2592

The changes I've made are:
(1) Some porting to build on 64-bit Linux (AMD, Red Hat Fedora Core 4) and clean up warnings.
(2) Try to reduce the rewards for killing twinks, so newbies can live and learn in relative peace without hurting their team as much.
  * Killing people who have no kills doesn't grant ability to carry.
  * Longest-surviving player on each team can always carry.
  * Killing an opponent who can carry grants ability to carry.
  * Partial credit toward carrying still granted for bombing, etc.
  * Ships enter the game with < 100% fuel

The changes related to #1 are straightforward and if anyone would like to review them I can push a patch to any repository.

The changes related to #2 are conditionally compiled based on a flag in config.h, and then enabled/disabled in the sysdef file.  I don't plan to push these changes unless/until I can get some feedback and determine if they have any merit.

Any responses appreciated; thanks for your time,
Brent Miller

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