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From: Michael Schmidt <schmidtm524 at googlemail.com>
Date: Nov 24, 2007 9:26 AM
Subject: Fwd: your game in the messenger (development question)
To: schmidtm524 at googlemail.com


your game is a multiplayer modus role play game?
we are developing the instant messenger


and are currently implementing some games,
would you be interested in adding your game too, so that two chatters
in the chat window can press a button and play your game over the
communication layer of retroshare messenger?

Is your game organized so, that you play against foreign users? Or
would it be possible to organize a game, which is based amoung friends

Then one buddy could be the server and all other are the client.
Please see the next release, which will have the com-layer for game
as well they are encrypted then and the profit for you is, that you
have no problems with firewall and nat over this layer and that the IP
is given automatically to the users

Please download the actual version of 52A and test.
leftside menue bottom already has a few games (not networked yet).

Thanks for a feedback, if you game could be as well integrate this
messenger for the communication of the gamers..