I agree about the command line interface, and I think the graphical idea 
is great.  I am envisioning here the player ships lined up, and when 
tractored (selected), the ship spins off to the side to join his 
teammate.  I think this is what you're describing as well. 

I suppose the question here, from a programming standpoint, is how to 
integrate INL "commands", which are controlled by the inl robot, in a 
way that they can affect ship position, etc, controlled by ntserv, in a 
way that makes sense.

It's almost like the minidraft process would need to be built into 
ntserv, perhaps as a mode that the inl robot invokes.  I've been looking 
at conquer.c for ideas.

Admittedly (as I'm sure I've just made quite apparent) I'm not nearly as 
familiar with the code as the rest of you, so I'll be digging through it 
for the next few days.  I'd like to make this happen. 


James Cameron wrote:
> Sounds great.
> I'd like to add that text command line interface sucks as a method, it
> would be cool to have the captains enable the drafting mode, then they
> sit orbiting each other at peace, and they get turns at tractoring a
> player, and that player's ship is moved into position on screen, so
> everyone knows the status of the draft as it is happening.
> I'd be happy to work with someone on that.