On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 08:25:58PM -0700, Rich Hansen wrote:
> I suppose the question here, from a programming standpoint, is how to 
> integrate INL "commands", which are controlled by the inl robot, in a 
> way that they can affect ship position, etc, controlled by ntserv, in a 
> way that makes sense.

Well, there's a simple way, and a complex way.

The simple way might be for the INL robot to pause the game, and do all
the ship position updates itself.

The complex way might be to add a flag for "ship navigation being
controlled by a supervisory process" which would cause player navigation
actions to be ignored, and then transwarp or fly it into position, with
the daemon animating the navigation.

(p.s. we've nearly run out of p_flags bits, so I propose a p_inldraft
variable after p_inlcaptain in struct players.)

You are right that conquer.c has some such ideas present.  But the
conquest gloat parade pauses the game, and then animates ship and plasma
positions during the parade period.  But once you understand how it
works, you'll be able to figure out how to do anything like it.  ;-)

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