On Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 01:52:38PM -0400, cflrich at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> I had a different arrangement for the players in my head during the
> draft, I'm wondering if the current layout would make it more
> difficult to grab the right player.

Layout of the pool isn't something I wish to worry about.  I've isolated
the positioning functions for that, so please hack into it.  It
certainly depends on how the captains operate.

(I've also thought of "leaning" the pool players up or down according to
whether the pool players locked onto a captain.  This would provide a
non-verbal clue that is normally present in face to face drafting.  The
frown that says "pick me and I'll carp all over your bass.")

> In the trivialities column, I thought it would be neat if, when a
> player is drafted, a little ring (of plasmas? reminiscent of
> conquer.c) circled around them, indicating the selection, then the
> player spun off over towards their location on their new team (not
> sure how to do this just yet, maybe set them at w 20 to the new
> location and spin their heading around, counting on the momentum to
> carry them to the correct location).

Sounds good.  The logic must be simple though, so that we don't end up
dumping core and causing disgust.

Remember that I'm allowing set course, shields, torps, and phasers, for
body-language.  Plasma would be rare, and so using them for this could
be good.  Think of a lasoo (sp?).

> Gonna take a look at some of that in a few hours.  If you keep this
> pace, James, there's going to be no coding left! :-)

9am for me now, but I'm going out.  Saturday morning.  You have some
time to hack.

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