I spent a fair bit of this afternoon examining draft.c with an eye for 
the animation of the various movement, and ended up delving 
shoulder-deep into the various position functions in daemonII.c, 
transwarp.c, util.c, etc etc.  And of course, I have a few questions.

Currently, the code put together in draft.c updates the player 
positions, directly I believe?, via the p_x_y_go() function, in 
inl_draft_update(), set to a 2 second fuse in daemonII.c.  It appears to 
me that this function directly sets the new player position, and so the 
ships will be moved towards their targets, defined in inl_place_XXX().

Will this work?  Will the normal player and ship updates in daemonII.c 
override the above?  If not, can I also do things like j->p_desdir = 
some_direction, and changedir(), to modify direction the ship is facing, 
and still move the ship position as described?

I had originally looked to transwarp.c for some guidance, and it appears 
here that normal ship position updating is overridden in daemonII.c by 
udtwarp(), and I was thinking a similar methodology might be used for 
draft movement (uddraftmove() or something), but I'm unsure how much 
unnecessary overhead this may add to a normal bronco server-- afterall, 
udplayers() and udships() executes pretty often.

Of course, perhaps you just threw p_x_y_go() in as a placeholder, a TODO 
of sorts, to get some animation up and moving.  I'm trying to flesh out 
the best way to get my spinning ship effect :-)

Any comments?