On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 12:02:44AM -0700, Rich Hansen wrote:
> Currently, the code put together in draft.c updates the player 
> positions, directly I believe?, via the p_x_y_go() function, in 
> inl_draft_update(), set to a 2 second fuse in daemonII.c.  It appears to 
> me that this function directly sets the new player position, and so the 
> ships will be moved towards their targets, defined in inl_place_XXX().

Yes.  The fuse has been reduced since then.  I've also tested it now,
and made a few tweaks.

> Will the normal player and ship updates in daemonII.c override the
> above?  If not, can I also do things like j->p_desdir =
> some_direction, and changedir(), to modify direction the ship is
> facing, and still move the ship position as described?

If you want to navigate the ships using p_desdir and p_desspeed then
p_x_y_go() is not appropriate at all.  Where you see p_x_y_go() in
draft.c, you will need to replace it with code that will decide what
p_desdir and p_desspeed to set.

I've pushed a patch containing your latest and my changes that were
needed to make it work.  On starting the draft, the ships glide into the
pool positions, the captains glide out of them, and then they can "lock"
onto players in turn.  As each player is picked, they move to the pick
area behind the captain.  (At least, with my style of positioning.)

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