All good data, attached patch pushed to better document how new
developers can do their first build.

On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 02:35:31PM -0400, cflrich at wrote:
> Next, I had to install autoconf.  Its worth noting that it is not
> installed by default via the above methods.  That -is- covered in the
> wiki.

I've removed it from the Wiki in preference to having the information in
one place, README.developers.

> The heavens opened up and the angels sang! sh tests/build goes
> through!  The code compiles!  Now I just have to find where the
> installation went...

tests/build is not for building an installation, it is for testing that
a complete build and install will work.

> I suggest the following additions to the wiki page "Building Vanilla
> from Darcs", at 

... ah, we need to get you an account on the wiki?  Wish I could
remember how to do that.

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