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> The INL draft mode is now operational, as far as the server side of
> things is concerned.  Rich, could you merge my changes with your code,
> and tell me which of the following you're happy to handle ...
> 1.  the INL robot vote to start a draft,

I thought this was completed?

> 2.  the alternate tactical layout you've started on,
> 3.  use of normal ship navigation rather than my "transwarping".

I'd like to work on both of the above.  Order of preference is to complete 2 first (as its very nearly done), and then tackle 3.

I'm gonna grab the latest and greatest here when I get a moment, and have a look to see exactly what needs completing.  There's a few features that may be nice-- but I've got to do the above first. 

> One of the future improvements is the One True Port philosophy, so
> that only one port number is needed to join a clue game, and the same
> port can be used for observing or playing.  The draft would then allow
> the captain to choose which players he wants to observe.  Test code is
> now in setship to change a slot from observer to player and back.  Seems
> to work alright.

This is functional?  Because this is awesome, and opens up all kinds of opportunities-- > 16 slot drafts, for example.  Definitely something I'd like to take a look at once we get the basic version here tweaked.

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