Folks, Hmm good idea, I'll do a write up as well. It was very tricky to
get it installed from the business card iso, but the results are really
good I believe. In conjunction with cygwin's X11, it's possible to ssh -X
to the debian Colinux install (from windows cygwin), and run X apps, so
if the netrek server had console X/TCL app controls, one could access it.
Actually my image when all is installed correctly is 553M, which could
prob be reduced if desired, and when gz/bzipped it would be smaller in
case Bob or Quozl thought it useful to host on This is
really an ideal situation, e.g. running the netrek server as a native
Linux app on Windows, and I feel this is a good situation given the
alternatives e.g. porting to cygwin, or windows. Esp when the server goes
through revisions, it can more directly be patched. -bd

  ----- Original Message -----
  From: "James Cameron"
  Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 22:02:47 +1000

  I've written up the process to create a Debian based virtual
  for a Netrek Server, placing it in
  in my repository, and attached.

  Unlike the previous post, this image is a mere 127Mb. ;-)

  One based on OpenWrt x86 should be about 3Mb. There's a lot of cruft
  a standard Debian install.

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