On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 11:33:50AM -0400, cflrich at cfl.rr.com wrote:
> As for #3, I didn't realize we could do j->p_dir = xxx.  I've modified
> the code to spin the ship around as its moving, like I've been wanting
> to do.

I've tried this, and it hasn't worked.  Which is surprising, given that
the code to point the ship at destination coordinates worked fine.  In
my latest patch I've commented it out until I understand it.

I've also added a third layout which I've made the default.  It keeps
the sense of away vs home layout already implied by the ROM and FED
pregame state:

- the pool of players is a horizontal line of ships from left to right,

- the captains stand just off the line, the away (ROM) captain above the
  line, near their planets, the home (FED) captain below the line,

- players picked move beyond the captain, in the same direction as the
  planets that match their pregame team.

The current code in my repository has been through several runs of
tests/inl-draft ... it is rather fun selecting robots, and when the
draft ends they all take it out on the captains.  ;-)

I've not yet finished thinking about how to handle observers in the same
draft sequence.

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