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> I've also toyed around with trying to get the ships to spin.  I slowed down the transwarp (by doing dx/20 instead of dx/4, etc), and noticed that the ships definitely do some quirky flipping around, right up until they start getting close (~1 tactical) of their final destinations, when it stops.  Simliarly, when they're picked, they do -no- spinning, since they are already so close to their destination.  It's unclear why distance to destination would have an effect.  I'm going to keep playing around with it.
Firstly, yes, I'm quoting myself <g>.  I've implemented spinning.  I 
believe somewhere either in udships() or udplayers(), the p_desdir is 
coming into play.  By setting p_desdir to p_dir after I assign it, I 
skip some change direction code, and overwrite anything else that may be 
in there.  In any event, it works.  And I think its neat-o.
> I'd like to finish with I think we'll be ready to playtest this thing for real pretty darn soon, if not now.  I mean, hell, the worse that can happen is we crash the server, and Karthik managed to do that 2 or 3 times the other night anyhow :-)
One problem is we're allowing, if one captain passes, 9 roms and 7 
feds.  When the game started after drafting in this way, it busted one 
of the slots (mine), although I'm not 100% sure this was related.  In 
any event, we probably need to prevent this.

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