=- Jeffrey Watts wrote on Mon 31.Mar'08 at 21:43:40 -0500 -=

> Well, we're kind of talking about two things here. The two voices
> that have spoken up are both those of people who were offering
> code. Rado is not, he's proposing organization and that "others"
> do "things".

I originally didn't want to answer to this publicly at all, but I
can't hear this "no code" non-sense anymore, brought up by different

a) all this started because I _did_ offer code for the meta-servers;
	which started because I've done even more code to P-server
	before that to notice meta-server problems in the first place.
b) it all went wrong because the receiving side didn't like the form
	while practicing the same form before. ->double standards.
c) the receiving side consisting of a single person, so little
	chance for working it out with somebody else _caring enough_.
d) people demand code submissions before taking me serious, but even
	if I proved that I had already contributed code before I
	spoke up even the first time, it wouldn't change _ANYTHING_
	about what I said about non-code issues thereafter.

Why would any of my code influence anyhow the code-unrelated message
itself or the attitude of the recipients?

I don't originally ask from others to do things, but rather to relax
and _let things go_ for others to _pick up_.
 For example, John (like I) would do something, but is denied by
James' preference for perfectionism, which naturally limits the
number of participants. If James relaxed, we could have 2 more
people "in".
Coding? No.
Action? Yes.
Which then indirectly can lead to coding from those same actors,
too, once they're involved enough.

> However, we're really not talking about the kind of situation you
> went through. We're talking about someone with a pathological need
> to get the last word and argue.

Right, because some other guys pathologically can't stop talking
wrong. You know it takes 2 for an endless back and forth.

Whatever I try to bring up not dealing with literal code, it will
all be turned down with some freaky _unrelated_ code conditions.
 Not because I would be wrong, but because they don't like the
personal consequences.
 It's about time to look beyond prejudices and begin to think
further than just the own nose.

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