=- . . wrote on Mon 31.Mar'08 at 14:12:24 -0800 -=

> I am not certain Rado is addressing these same issues, but as far
> as I can tell it seems to be along these lines.

I can't tell either, since I don't remember your case(s).
Anyway, we both won't change anything, since the system isn't
designed to change itself and is too small to fork off.

=- . . wrote on Mon 31.Mar'08 at 14:57:11 -0800 -=

> Clearly there should be the opportunity to at least present the
> development work, but my experience was confronted by
> obstructionist behavior, which totally flipped me out.

This was my experience, too, though I didn't flip out.
This is how it is, this is how they want to have it, they have the
power, we must deal with it. I rest my case with the code-freaks.
You can't force anyone to peek beyond his own horizon when there is
no desire to change personal habits for a greater good.

> It seems to imply that because I am stronger than you (or vise
> versa), my voice should be heard the loudest, but as you know
> intelligence is lost in this model.
> I think Rado may not be seeing such an open door policy and thus
> cause for his concern.

The answer is "I don't care" (*). What do you expect to happen?

Basically it's all about double-standards to preserve some personal
convenience to protect their power, favouring the logic of "easy for
me" over "involving more people".

Either be patient for things to change on their own, or startup a
new project altogether from scratch. The latter would have the
additional benefit of better addressing the licensing/ rights

(*) which probably should be completed with "enough". I understand
their position for priorizing stuff by their preference contrained
by their limited time... but at the same time this limits the whole,
not just themselves.
 They like the current situation for some reason which I don't
understand. The only one I can think of is personal convenience or
obsession with power, but that would be contradictory to the calls
for the global benefit of more participation.

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