Rado S wrote:
>> There are people that put up, and there are people that talk.
> I've put up code, but that's irrelevant to the issue at hand.
> Sometimes "putting up" _is_ talk.
> As long as you don't accept this, there is no point in continuing.
Far from being irrelevant, that -is- the issue at hand.  You want a 
bunch of work to be done but you don't want to actually do any portion 
of it.  This time, putting up is not talk.  Putting up is -doing-.

Let me spell out "Put up or shut up" a little more clearly for you, 
since you don't seem to get it.
We're saying, "Go and implement something and -show- us what you want to 
do, not -tell- us, -show- us, or quit yer incessant yapping."

You're all talk dude.  That's all you know how to do. 

Show.  Don't tell.  Show.

> Why would any of my code influence anyhow the code-unrelated message
> itself or the attitude of the recipients?
Because it's real easy to come up with a whole lot of ideas.  It takes a 
lot more fortitude, motivation and courage to implement those ideas and 
show them to the community.  You've got no motivation to actually do 
anything.  You just want to blab all day.  And who's got time for that?  
The rest of us are too busy -doing- things.  If you spent all of the 
time you waste responding with these ridiculous emails into implementing 
your vision, I have no doubt that great things would come of it.  But 
you just don't have the guts, do you?

We've been pretty civil but these last three responses were pretty 
ridiculous and insulting.  Can we remove this guy from the list?