=- Mark Mielke wrote on Wed  2.Apr'08 at 16:27:32 -0400 -=

> Rado S wrote:
>> 1) Netrek is a game, games need fairplay, netrek doesn't have it.
> 1) Netrek rules have been 'fair' since the beginning. If anything,
> the rules have been against anything that would upset game play in
> the standard mode, precisely because people like the game to be
> fair, without surprises. Even though I haven't played in over a
> year - I could jump right back in and start ogging away.

I mean John's view on fairness. Ask him for details.
So you mean his desire for feature-even clients is not justified?

>> 2) Dealing with fairplay in netrek would turn more people active.
> 2) I think you are speculating without evidence. The decline of
> Netrek is due to many factors, none of which have to do with 'fair
> play'.

I think you've put more into my statement then was there.
I never claimed the decline was due to unfairness.

I suggested that if John's view about fairness were to be
implemented, it would take more than 1 person doing stuff, and
besides John I'd do it for the platforms I have access to, as well
as others might for the platforms they have access to.

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