Rado S wrote:
> =- Mark Mielke wrote on Tue  1.Apr'08 at 17:07:19 -0400 -=
>> Might it be possible for you to express your request in two lines
>> for those of us who are too slow to follow? Something with
>> substance, that can be answered in two lines?
> 1) Netrek is a game, games need fairplay, netrek doesn't have it.
> 2) Dealing with fairplay in netrek would turn more people active.

1) Netrek rules have been 'fair' since the beginning. If anything, the 
rules have been against anything that would upset game play in the 
standard mode, precisely because people like the game to be fair, 
without surprises. Even though I haven't played in over a year - I could 
jump right back in and start ogging away.

2) I think you are speculating without evidence. The decline of Netrek 
is due to many factors, none of which have to do with 'fair play'.


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