On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 07:15:07PM -0400, Zach wrote:
> Rado would have to elaborate on precisely what he mean by "fair play"

	Good luck with that.

> quick geno ensues. Newbies are getting tooled. You can argue either

	Newbies always get tooled.  There is a steep learning curve.

> make an argument either way. I think the idea of automatic balancing
> has been put forward in the past. To balance numerically would be
> fairly trivial but balancing based on clue would not be as straight
> forward. This is where persistent status would help. Clued players

	The code exists.  It's just not compiled in / enabled by
	default; I also do not know how well tested it is currently.

	And if you start denying people the option of playing with
	friends you alienate and make people quit.

> could or even just those that demonstrated they are no longer newbies
> would have a status field set, then have the netrek server check every
> X minutes (could be sysdef'd) and automaticallu balance, or balance
> when one team is down by Y planets. Status could be determined
> automatically based on stats or for a more reliable method it could be
> voted on by a pool of clued players or manually selected by the server
> god. If we had ID registration it would be much easier and could have

	No server admin is going to spend time doing this.

	Player votes can not be trusted due to personality issues.

> same ID for multiple servers. Could be cool for stats also. Say you
> login to a web form with your ID and password and it lists your
> registered characters and stats for each server.

	Let me know when you have it designed.


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