Rado would have to elaborate on precisely what he mean by "fair play"
and what is currently limiting it from being realized, however I think
social behaviour can affect netrek health. It is common now in pickup
to see stacking. Team A has 2 or 3 elite players, team B has none. A
quick geno ensues. Newbies are getting tooled. You can argue either
way this is good or bad. Good because they are facing tougher
opponents which should help their long-term progression of learning.
Bad because some newbies will be turned off and not find it very fun
and stop playing. Since there is no data we can only speculate and
make an argument either way. I think the idea of automatic balancing
has been put forward in the past. To balance numerically would be
fairly trivial but balancing based on clue would not be as straight
forward. This is where persistent status would help. Clued players
could or even just those that demonstrated they are no longer newbies
would have a status field set, then have the netrek server check every
X minutes (could be sysdef'd) and automaticallu balance, or balance
when one team is down by Y planets. Status could be determined
automatically based on stats or for a more reliable method it could be
voted on by a pool of clued players or manually selected by the server
god. If we had ID registration it would be much easier and could have
same ID for multiple servers. Could be cool for stats also. Say you
login to a web form with your ID and password and it lists your
registered characters and stats for each server.