So if you :ita someone you won't hear their audio? :) Do you envision
adding VOIP functionality to Vanilla or use some FOSS application
alongside the server? A member of FMC has a Ventrillo server for us to
use with 20 channels. I found this Speak Freely (Windows and UNIX code

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:01 PM, James Cameron <quozl at> wrote:
> Now is the time.  We can probably afford the bandwidth.  The last player
>  I know on dialup has finally upgraded.  Let's look into what it will
>  take to augment the most popular clients with audio, routed via the
>  server.  I'm happy to program the server side.
>  In a game, each team would have audio of themselves, perhaps with 3dB of
>  impedence added per rank below Admiral.
>  In a clue pre-game, before and during a draft, the audio would be shared
>  across all teams.
>  Out of t-mode, shared across all teams.
>  During conquer parade, shared again.
>  I've learned what I need to know about audio on the Linux side, I think,
>  but I'd appreciate anyone else piping up.  What can we build upon, and
>  what open source code is available?
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