Niclas what voice client(s) did you guys use?

I agree with Karth it is a good idea to have granularity and to let
players have the option to receive no sound if that ios their choice.
I guess this functionality could be feature packeted and all clients
can be updated to have option of "voice_chat: on/off" they could togge
via netrekrc. If global chat is enabled it will be nearly
unintelligble if 8, 16, 16+ (observers) players are all yelling and
chatting at once. Maybe have different modes such as in clue games the
captain can toggle his team chat (player -> all on team receive) and
he will automatically be able to broadcast on ALL but no one else
unless he turns on their voice privelege such as "R2->R2 voice 3 team"
would give R3 voice broadcast rights to the team board. "R2->R2 voice
3 team+all" gives R3 rights to team and all. And "R2->R2 voice roms"
gives all rom players voice. Also player-to-player private audio
channel would be cool. This could also be something a player can set
in their netrekrc. Such asd "voice_p2p: on" and players could also
define similarly if they want to receive team and all voice. At the ip
level players could elect to mute ip addresses so they won't receive
any of their broadcasts; this could be tied into :ita or made as a
different command.