Zach wrote:
> ...
> distress messages (fuel, damage, shields, armies carried status) would
> take longer to convey unless you sacrificed some information.
> Perhaps we could do an experiment and have a few clue games where
> everyone used voice then poll the players afterwards to gauage their
> impressions?

I think you've fallen into the other poster's trap that suggests voice 
replaces text. I haven't read a single person here who claimed that text 
was unnecessary. This thread has a lot of straw men erected. :-) I 
believe any referenceable information should be in text, whereas any 
event-based information should be in voice.

It's also a trap to compare newbie voice communicators with clued text 
communicators. It's illogical to compare the two. You are proving that 
clued > newbie, and believing that this therefore means that text > voice.

I have a problem with the social behavior of many "clued" Netrek 
players. Of the last 5 to 10 games I have played in the last 5 years, I 
have each time decided not to play for months after seeing other people 
harassed, and being harassed myself, by people who thrill from calling 
themselves clued and acting like they own the place. If people don't do 
exactly as expected, they find themselves at the end of a barbed attack, 
even from team mates. I don't play, because I find it a hostile 
environment. Usually I am attacked for defending newbies - usually 
called a newbie myself. Not that I care too much, but it means I don't 
come back for 12 months. In the other poster's comments, I saw him doing 
the exact same thing in this thread. I defend the newbie for having too 
large of a learning curve. He tells me that text messaging is a skill 
that must be learned. I challenge him. He tells me he thinks I have no 
experience, with the presumed conclusion that I should not have a say in 
this debate (all his own assumptions based on ignorance). How is a real 
newbie ever going to feel welcome in this environment?

The reason I bring this up, is that voice isn't going to resurrect 
Netrek if the attitude towards newbies doesn't change. Nobody is 
desperate enough to want to play a game like Netrek, that they will put 
up with this attitude. There are many other games out there, that are 
far more rewarding, with nicer human interfaces (and less arcane 
learning curve / entry requirements), and friendly people.


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