Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Mark Mielke wrote
>> You have yet to properly refute any claim I made.
> What claim is that you feel I need to refute?

This list doesn't need the thread repeated. :-) You should have read 
them the first time.

>> I probably have thousands of hours of play.
> Seeing how you play I seriously doubt that (or rather, for your sake, I 
> hope that's wrong).

Why? 10+ years without serious play is a long time. My intuition about 
torpedoes is pretty much gone now. Sorry for going off and doing 
something else with my life... :-)

In any case, even if I always sucked - which I won't agree with, but for 
the sake of argument - why should my opinion about what could improve 
the game for the average player be less valuable than yours? If you want 
to wave your "clue" stick as if it really matters, can you not accept 
that as a "clued" individual, your input is *less* valuable, as you 
cannot properly represent the majority of current players, and you 
cannot properly represent new players.

>> You are wrong on many of your points
> Such as

Starting with your inability to comprehend that voice provides value. 
Ending with your belief that text messaging is an enjoyable part of the 
game that new members should invest significant effort into perfecting 
when a more accessible alternative is in use by most modern games, and 
the ones that do not have built in support, people set up their own 
voice servers or use pre-existing technology like a telephone and a 
headset, or speaking over monitors from the same room.


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