On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Mark Mielke wrote:

>> What claim is that you feel I need to refute?
> This list doesn't need the thread repeated. :-) You should have read 
> them the first time.

You're close to the "I'm rubber you're glue" way of arguing. If I'm asking 
what claims I need to refute it's obviously because I haven't noticed you 
previously pointing out any claims I need to refute.

> In any case, even if I always sucked - which I won't agree with, but for 
> the sake of argument - why should my opinion about what could improve 
> the game for the average player be less valuable than yours?

Personal experience matters in all decisions. In this case (playing many 
netrek games using voice) I have it and you don't.

Let's say we're talking about how to fly to the moon. Being Neil 
Armstrong, I speak from experience when I say that we need two terminals 
for control of the exterior solar panels. You, having never even seen a 
space shuttle in real life and whose experience in this matter comes from 
reading Isaac Asimov. Then could you see how experience matters?

> Starting with your inability to comprehend that voice provides value.

I started this thread by writing about the cases where voice provides