Niclas Fredriksson wrote:
>> In any case, even if I always sucked - which I won't agree with, but for 
>> the sake of argument - why should my opinion about what could improve 
>> the game for the average player be less valuable than yours?
> Personal experience matters in all decisions. In this case (playing many 
> netrek games using voice) I have it and you don't.
> Let's say we're talking about how to fly to the moon. Being Neil 
> Armstrong, I speak from experience when I say that we need two terminals 
> for control of the exterior solar panels. You, having never even seen a 
> space shuttle in real life and whose experience in this matter comes from 
> reading Isaac Asimov. Then could you see how experience matters?

I'll step out by saying that you have a large head.

Somehow my thousands of hours of experience means absolutely nothing. 
I'm neither surprised nor too hurt. It's exactly how people such as you 
have acted for over a decade, and its exactly why I stopped enjoying 
Netrek. Have fun Neil Armstrong.


Mark Mielke <mark at>

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