Zach wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 5:56 PM, Rich Hansen <cflrich at> wrote:
>>  -- Ogging, calling the decloak exactly.
> Hi Rich,
> Good examples but I think some assume a certain level of clue and
> competence. 
Of course.  Voice isn't insta-clue.
> We see in pickup (and even in clue games) how a player may
> call a base ogg when it isn't a good time for one or a ship may
> uncloak too early during an ogg. So even with voice an ogger may not
> listen. 
They are much more likely to listen when someone is talking to them, as 
opposed to a 'sync on 3' message that was pasted 40 seconds ago, and 
they're ahead a bit, and I don't remember who I'm supposed to sync on, 
and I'm about to die anyway, and maybe I can distract some defenders, 
and any other such nonsense that goes through a non-clue's head.

It's much harder to decloak when someone is saying into your ear, "Not 
yet, not yet, not yet, not yet."  Similarly, you're unlikely not to 
decloak when someone yells, "Now!"

As for calling, only the leader should be calling an ogg.  I actually 
think having voice will cut down on the number of bad ogg calls, since 
the (presumably most clued) leader can stop any bad calls, and reiterate 
that only they make ogg calls, more quickly, and whether or not they are 
currently in a dogfight.

> And what about players who elect to not use sound will they be
> left in the cold?
Yes, use sound.  This is like saying, "What about people who choose not 
to use the message window?"