On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Jeffrey Watts wrote:

> And you, sir, seem to want to disregard everything I've written.  No one 
> here is talking about REMOVING text communications.  The discussion was 
> about ADDING voice.  No one here is talking about NOT using text. 
> We're talking about enhancing the game with voice.  I never once have 
> said that text communication should be removed.  I've said that ADDING 
> voice could help.

You have obviously not read what I have written. I started out this thread 
writing that adding voice is a good idea, but that its game play benefits 
are somewhat limited.

You and Milke seem to be arguing that voice is the ultiate way to 
communicate in netrek which I have shown is simply just not true, nor is 
it of any relevance in this discussion.

> I seem to recall that the lead developer also supports trying this out. 
> Are you calling him a twink and an idiot as well?

Cameron? As a player he's a big twink, he'd even admit to this himself. 
He's far from being an idiot though and he's great for our community.

And yes, I do have a huge penis, thanks for asking.