Numerous times today when I and 2 other players I have communicated
with just now (Batduck being one) have checked the metaserver we have
seen enough people for t (or more than enough) but 1/2 were on pickled
if 8 players total and 1/2 on continuum ANDOR warped, and if greater
than 8 players total about 4-5 would be on pickled and the rest on
continuum ANDOR warped. This is really hurting bronco t mode.
Anecdotally I have seen a drop in t mode on pickled all this past
week. I hope something can be done to encourage players to play on
pickled. A passive technique is preferable but if that doesn't work we
should consider something more proactive. Right now we have 5 on
pickled, 2 on warped and 1 on continuum. When I joined 15 minutes ago
there were 4 on warped, 5 on continuum and 4 on pickled.