Moin moin everyone,

finally I've got around to apply the solicitation patch, it works with
Paradise now, too.
However, before I commit it to the public, I want to see some issues
addressed which Psychosis has brought up.

I agree with him that polluting the metaservers is undesired.
Polluting in the sense of weakly connected or maintained servers, or
too many servers misconfigured (either for testing or intended to
remain local).

I learned from Psychosis that servers listed via solicitation remain
persistent on the metas even after shutting down for good.
 That's ... bad. :(
(the remains after my experiments are still there, even though I
stopped the server to clean up, since it's not meant to be a
permanent server at all)

Can you please remove the current entries for "sun36" on all metas
now once manually, please?

Then, can the metas drop servers which haven't reconnected for some
time period, like 1h?
If so, please enable it.

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