=- James Cameron wrote on Wed 20.Feb'08 at  9:08:46 +1100 -=

> > On there is also hockey.tamu.edu down all the time I
> > checked, but the timer for refresh gets reset after 30 ("down").
> hockey.tamu.edu is in the metarc file of and so it is
> listed statically, not because of solicitation.
> > With solicitation, wouldn't it make more sense to drop those "down"
> > noted servers and let them re-register once they're back up?
> Yes.

Why do you still keep it (or any server) static then?
Functionally I see no difference for a player between being listed
as "unreachable" and not listed at all, while the former distracts

> > Maybe orion has different code or configuration besides:
> > policy.c: if (sp->player_count == 0 && age > (60*60*6)) return 0;
> Yes, that seems likely.

I couldn't verify since I gave up after 1h and next day it was gone:
was "sun36" removed from the other metaserver automatically?

Knowing that they indeed get removed automatically would allow for
testing without having to bother anyone to clean up manually.

> > BTW, it reported "Nobody playing" while my server actually was
> > completely out of business. Wouldn't "no connection" be more
> > appropriate?
> Yes.  Would you be able to fix it?

If I knew where to start looking... maybe.

Does the metaserver re-check on its own at all when solitications
from a server stop?
If that's the case, then judging from scan.c:796++ nuke_server(), my
server wasn't considered soliciting, even though it was... strange.
 No idea why the "solicit" flag got lost for my server.

Or does meta rely exclusively on the servers to send info on their
In that case we'd need a timeout to actively probe a regularly
soliciting server to notice status changes.

> > Is there a distinction possible between "host unreachable" and
> > "server down"?
> I don't know, it has been a while since I worked in the metaserver
> code.

Maybe somebody else then?

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