On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 09:04:09PM +0100, Rado S wrote:
> Why do you still keep it (or any server) static then?

The reasons for keeping a server static are:

1.  solicitation may not be working, because it was not implemented, or
because of network path problems, ... from memory that is why
hockey.tamu.edu is on my metaserver,

2.  solicitation may work fine, but by placing the server in the static
list it is shown to clients as soon as the metaserver restarts, rather
than waiting for players to join that server ... from memory that is why
pickled.netrek.org and continuum.us.netrek.org are on my metaserver,

3.  the metaserver has an undesired feature that prevents it from
working unless there is at least one static server.

> I couldn't verify since I gave up after 1h and next day it was gone:
> was "sun36" removed from the other metaserver automatically?

I don't know, however the metaserver that Carlos runs was restarted on
19th February.  Did you check Karthik's metaserver too?

> Does the metaserver re-check on its own at all when solitications
> from a server stop?

Indeed that is the question.  I remember coding it so that it would, but
I can't remember if it was removed.

> Maybe somebody else then?

Last burst of active development was by me in 2007-08, then before that
in 2007-05.  I've received no other contributions since.  If anyone has
any, please send me patches.

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