=- James Cameron wrote on Sun 24.Feb'08 at 22:15:21 +1100 -=

> > > From Paradise 2000 README:
> > 
> > Please, can we focus on replacing that with a more useful
> > standard P-client rather than using this as a reference for
> > anything? Avoid any reference to it in the future, thank you.
> While the key is present and people use it, I think we need to
> continue to refer to it as necessary.

But the presence is questioned, not just by me, but some netrek
authority, too. Maybe the whole issue could be solved faster if the
presence issue were solved first.

> Nothing has changed in the situation, except a few people have
> made patches and some others have noticed them.

Sometimes this is enough to cross the critical threshold.

> If you can out-do the current key maintainer and convince all
> server operators to follow your key list, go ahead. I don't see
> that as likely. Carlos at least has our trust.

I never asked for takeover and following _my_ leadership.
I just asked for _some_ _more_ active leadership.
But nobody felt like doing it nor following anyone else even if he/
they stood up to serve.
So netrek as a whole has the mess it deserves.

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