I've been hacking on the pygame client, latest patches are available
here: http://suqld.org.au/~stephen/netrek-client-pygame/ - also
mentioned in a recent REPOSITORIES file.

I have a problem on AMD64 figuring out the file descriptor of the X
server. The current logic does some incredibly magical things using
ctypes to dig into the X server to figure out which fd to attach to.

On AMD64, the logic is out because things aren't the same size and it
blows up. I have had to put a patch in to just say '4' when we figure
out the fd has a number >>255. If anyone can figure out a better way
of doing this, I'm all ears.

I've added a patch titled "Test script for graphics display" which is
aimed at facilitating more rapid development of graphics display
things. It currently shows the tactical and the galactic showing two
ships who move and rotate (against the laws of physics, but we can't
have everything).

The idea is that we can turn that script into a comprehensive list of
graphics effects, so it is easier to fiddle.

Stephen Thorne

"Give me enough bandwidth and a place to sit and I will move the world."
 --Jonathan Lange