On Sat, 5 Jul 2008, James Cameron wrote:

> The help bomb RCD is phrased such that if the target planet it is called
> on has less than or equal to four armies, only the word "bomb" appears.
> It seems to me that the planet name should also appear, thus the macro
> would change from:
> 	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb%}\0"
> to:
> 	" %T%c->%O %?%n>4%{bomb %l @ %n%!bomb %l%}\0"
> Affects: Netrek XP 2006, netrek-client-cow, netrek-server-vanilla (INL
> message log and lib/tools/watchmes decode RCDs)
> Source: struct dmacro_list distmacro in data.c, fourth element.
> Does anyone have any reason why it is thje way it is?

It's a good change. There is no good reason to keep it was it is (other 
than possibly "but it's always been like that!" and while I often advocate 
that stand point, it's not valid in this case).

I read the whole thread. If you use the macro on a non-agri @ 1 it's not 
the macros fault that you get "bomb ear @ 1".