I've released the latest version of the Windows client, which has been
renamed to Netrek XP 2009.  The client is available for download at and
the source code is available at or at
Changes and fixes are as follows:

Netrek XP 2009, Version 1.0: (Released July-2008)

General bug fixes:
1) Fix to cloak bug where ships would briefly be seen to flash when entering
2) Various bug fixes for play on a paradise server.

New features:
1) Addition of 3rd metaserver to the metaserver list.
2) Added support for new server feature packets (lame_refit, whydead_2,
3) Added new timerType option for displaying useful game-related timers like
surrender, sb reconstruct, INL, and t mode duration.
4) Added game paused message to local window (at TTS location) if server is
paused, such as during an INL timeout.

General changes:
1) Removed option for ship specific netrekrc file (rcfile-<ship>).  Still can
use ship specific keymaps and buttonmaps.