netrek-client-cow 3.2.5 was released, containing extensive refinements
to the metaserver window, improved handling of server disconnection,
better integration with ICCM window managers, and a new window is opened
for play when in metaserver mode.

Also adds a mercenary mode, where hitting space or enter during team
selection will join the least represented team, or a random team if no
players are present on the server.  The same key also returns to the
game after death, using the current team and ship type.  This is a
backport of a Pygame client feature.
8b8accc0b318127a4c3e91b2c373efa9  netrek-client-cow-3.2.5.tar.gz

Summary of changes:

	- default fullscreen to off, it was causing problems for those
	with incomplete resolution support on their systems,

	- team selection window, provide space bar or enter key to
	re-enter previous team with previous ship type, or join the second
	largest team, or join a random team if the server is empty, handle
	server disconnection gracefully without hanging or terminating,
	remove team selection options when a request is in progress, quit
	more quickly,

	- metaserver window, add a help window, default list size,

	- metaserver window, add arrow keys to select, space or enter to
	join, 'o' to observe,

	- fix to allow windows to be closed by user actions via window
	manager, without crashing the program,

	- allow metaserver window to resize when number of servers listed

	- allow user to override login name using .xtrekrc.

	- keep metaserver window visible and use new window for each play

Many compiler warnings were also reduced.

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