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> I’m setting up a netrek server at the request of some of
> my students.  I have the server set up using the latest repo and
> everything is fine.

	What platform, OS and version are you compiling on?  Where
	did you pull the latest repo from?

> However, the students can only login and play as guests.  Any attempt
> to create
> a user when the connect to the sever results in a bad password comment.  I’m
> beginning to think this is a permissions issue.  I have spend a god 4 hours
> trying to find an answer to this online.  Sorry if this question has
> been asked
> before.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

	* Double check permissions on the following paths:

	  All should be writable as the uid the server is running under.

	* Modify your etc/sysdef and set ERROR_LEVEL to 9, this will
	  display data pertinent to the password verification step.
	  I saw an odd issue of crypt(3) on a 64bit install of
	  linux a few months back and can't quite recall the
	  details of it at the moment.  Increasing the debugging level
	  should point it out, though.  The server will need to be
	  restarted for this change to take effect.  Debugging output
	  will be in /path/to/netrek/var/ERRORS.

	* As a test to rule out problems with GDBM indexing of the
	  var/players file, re-compile with player file indexing
	  disabled.  You can do this by modifying the config.h
 	  file that resides in the includes/ directory of the netrek
	  source tree and changing "#define PLAYER_INDEXING" to
	  "#undef PLAYER_INDEXING", re-building and re-installing,
	  and re-starting when done.  Note you will probably have to
	  stop the server before the make install step.

	Try these steps first and let us know the results.  If you 
	wish you may contact me directly or just respond back to
	the netrek-dev mailing list.


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