Can anyone help this person finish setting up his Netrek server? 

He is the Director of the Academy of Information Technology in New York. Based on his request his server appears to not be open to the public and is only available to the students at his high school. 

This might be a very good opportunity to get some new players interested in the game.

His server is up but his students can only login as guest. His request and contact information are below.



From: wclaps at
To: support at
Subject: Support Request
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:50:53 -0400

To whom it may concern:


I’m setting up a netrek server at the request of some of
my students.  I have the server set up using the latest repo and everything is fine. 
However, the students can only login and play as guests.  Any attempt to create
a user when the connect to the sever results in a bad password comment.  I’m
beginning to think this is a permissions issue.  I have spend a god 4 hours
trying to find an answer to this online.  Sorry if this question has been asked
before.  Thanks for any help you can provide.


Bill Claps

Director - Academy of Information Technology

Northport High School

154 Laurel Hill Road

Northport, New York 11768

email: wclaps at

web page:


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